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mobile web and application

Mobile websites and applications are the latest elements that the 3rd generation of innovation loves to talk over.

The growth of prime interest in gadgets amongst the modern youth paved way for a revolution which is as powerful to lead a race of human being. Amid the gadgets, cell phones are a matter of prime importance. Day after day there arise new kinds of mobile phones, new operating systems, and phones of new sizes and shapes from 3 inch to 5 inch phablets, and 7 inch tablets.

This lighted the path toward more experiments when the corporate started to create mobile websites, and developers started to develop applications that overcome the innovation of the neighboring competitor. When the competition tightened, there arouse the importance of professionals who can deliver mobile websites and applications for corporate, and some others concentrated on developing applications for various mobile phone platforms.

Mobile Phone Website Development

There are various kinds of mobile websites that cater to different needs of different companies across the globe. In several mark up dialects, mobile websites are been created. WML, XHTML basic, XHTML MP, and cHTML are the major dialects used. When WML is of an older standard that can be supported by many browsers, cHTMl is primarily used in Japan and around Europe. However, XHTML basic, and XHTML MP are somewhat similar and are used on a global basis. Being this, we can say that the dialects are used according to varied markets that are target.

At iBOT Solutions we have a team of expert professionals to create mobile websites according your need.

Mobile Devices

Mobile Phone Application development

Developing an application for your mobile phone varies in accordance with various platforms each mobile company works its device on such as Iphone, Android, Blackberry, Windows, and Symbian.

Iphone Mobile Application

We are ready to open a new world for Iphone users. Developing applications at a cost effective manner has never been as easy as iBOT Solutions.


Android Mobile Application

Android mobile platform truly belongs to Google which is proving day after day to rule the entire mobile arena. Our expertise to develop an android application is beyond the line and has been much above our competitors, always.


Blackberry Mobile Application

It’s an old guy out with a powerful weapon. Blackberry was always a major player in the mobile phone arena, and still it paves a bitter competition when it comes to beat it. At iBOT Solutions, we are obliged to support you wish to develop an application for this awesome device.


Windows Mobile Application

Apart from the Blackberry, Windows mobile phones have been tough and have travelled all through the past years till date with all innovations alike other Operating systems. iBOT Solutions is all set to give you whatever application you wish for at the most nominal rates ever.


Symbian Mobile Application

The big daddy is here, and iBOT Solutions keeps its promise to work on your dreams to create and develop the best and different applications that is always useful for the users.

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