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Online CRM and ERP

Online Customer Relationship Management & Resource Planning

CRM and ERP are both online applications so developed to run your business on smoother grounds. At iBOT Solutions, we are committed to provide affective CRM Solutions that meet the different prerequisites of our valued clientele.

There are various packages on the CRM shelf to perform the functions of an organization to a smoother platform. However, when you feel you want something different from the ordinary, you are welcome to the world of iBOT innovations. Our expert team of professionals is all at your service to examine your business model so closely. We inspect through your dynamics, the target customer, and the market, thereby understanding it specifically which in turn helps us to provide the best of a web CRM solution. To the matter of fact, our tailor-made solutions just for the right business as yours are all set to increase the customer relationship, surplus the productivity, and ease up the processes to make your business the best of profit making ones.

As far as ERP is concerned, there are various enterprise software modules and the need-based module necessitates to be used according to the requirement of the organisation. Each ERP module focuses on different functions of a company such as product development, or marketing. Some of the widely used ERP modules are for product planning, purchasing of materials, inventory control, distribution, accounting, marketing, finance, and HR.

iBOT Solutions are at your service for all your needs based on CRM and ERP and our professionals are all set to deliver you services at the winning edge levels.

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