Both Search engine optimization (SEO) and Pay-per click (PPC) are indispensable aspects of online marketing. Nowadays, irrespective of the type or size, business establishments implement both these online marketing strategies in order to get more enquiries. But quietly recently PPC has gained a slight edge over SEO. The reason is quite evident and is linked to the “quick-fast” and flexible nature of PPC. This article lets you know why business community prefers PPC over SEO. Read on…


Search engine optimization (SEO) is the optimization techniques initiated to enhance the online visibility of a website so that its gets more preference in the organic search results of a search engine.  As visibility of the website increases, it attracts more and more users and hence attains more traffic. Pay per click (PPC) on the other hand, is an online advertisement strategy that works on the “pay per click” basis. The advertiser has to pay for the clicks that his/her ads receive. Pay per click ads are sponsored ads that are displayed at the top and right hand side of the ordinary search results.

Why PPC?

Here, we shall discuss the areas where PPC becomes more beneficial than SEO campaigns.

The time factor!

Time is a very important factor for any business concern big or small. It takes quite a lot of time to set up and implement an SEO campaign. SEO campaigns involve a great deal of home-work, research and website related tweaks. It may take several months to improve your website’s search engine ranking and get the desired results. However in PPC you may start off a campaign on the very next day depending upon your predetermined target.

Control and freedom

Another aspect linked to the time factor is the Control and freedom of implementing the PPC campaign. You need not waste your precious time waiting for the prospects or the results of your campaign, as in the case of SEO. If you feel that your campaign is not giving the desired results, you have full freedom to alter the campaign strategies or even call-off the campaign.

Target audience

In PPC, you can pick your target audience in a more precise and efficient manner based on selecting apt keywords that perfectly suits your website or business. Your campaign becomes more focused and this will help to bring in more conversions. This focus is not obtained in the case of SEO.

Control over the financial aspects of campaigning

Quiet evident from its name, PPC campaigns let you determine the cost for each enquiry. And therefore, you can spend according to your budget or requirements. These statistics cannot be collected in the case of SEO.

The visibility factor

In PPC, your website enjoys the top position in the search engine’s search results, even though it is listed as an advertisement. This will help get more visitors and enquires to your website as your target audiences see the paid ads first.

Surety or authenticity

The search results that appear on the search engine may not provide up-to-date or accurate information of a particular service or product. There is not surety in the information that you see in the organic search lists. But an ad meant to provide a particular service is specifically meant to meet that purpose. Therefore the user experiences a feel of authenticity and surety in the case of PPC ads.

Keyword dependency

No matter what your keyword is, you can make use of PPC campaign to bring your website to the top spot.

The benefit of Bidding

The keyword bidding can be done according to your campaign strategy. And you need not continue on the same bid amount if your returns are not that great.

Online revenue

PPC is more of a revenue oriented online marketing strategy. It brings in more online revenue than compared to SEO. PPC ads are designed to make conversions with minimum headache and it is one of the greatest benefits of PPC campaign.

Start-up friendly

SEO can be a difficult and time consuming task for a start-up firms or someone new to online marketing. But anyone can come up with a PPC campaign with a dedicated plan and bidding strategy. SEO campaigns will only help if you have already established your roots in online arena.

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