Starting up an internet marketing campaign is not at all child’s play. You need to carry out a detailed research of a wide variety of aspects prior to taking up an internet marketing campaign. Without these detailed research, there is every chance that you may not get the desired results. Here are certain aspects that you should be aware of before initiating a campaign.

Make an in-depth analysis of the client’s product – Now you are not going to do the marketing in newspapers, magazines or in any other print media. You do the job online and as already mentioned, the in-depth analysis of the product should be done to understand its online selling prospects. With the help of an example, you may very easily understand the concept. Suppose, your client is a jeweller and he needs to market his products online. Here comes the relevance of the online prospects of the particular product. In Indian scenario, a vast majority of people would like to purchase jewellery items directly from the jewellers. Yes, you can certainly purchase jewellery online, but only very few customers are willing to make an online purchase. The reasons can be many, but it is a fact that a large chunk of Indian population is not keen on purchasing jewellery online.  Therefore, we can come into the conclusion that online marketing of jewellery won’t work, at least in India. The same is applicable to the products that are meant particularly for the elderly. Particularly in Indian context, a vast majority of the population that makes use of internet are youngsters (in the age group of 15 to 34).

From the above graph, it is very clear that the internet usage of the population above the age of 34 is very less compared to (15 to 34) age-group. Therefore implementing internet marketing campaigns for products or services that are meant specifically for elders or senior citizens may not bring desired results. Therefore, product analysis is very essential before you take up any internet marketing campaign.

Have clear understanding of your client’s offline marketing strategies – Most clients set aside money for both online and offline strategies.  Get to know about the aspects like what made the client to invest money for online marketing of his product or service, whether the client is experiencing any monetary deficit to organize offline marketing campaign etc.

Check your client’s website – Without a well-designed, maintained and updated website, it is very difficult to carry out an online campaign, no matter what campaign strategy you implement. Your client’s website should contain the prerequisite requirements. For example, the website should be mobile friendly, Google friendly, user friendly and must be updated on a regular basis too. The website should convey accurate and authentic information about the product/service to the readers and more importantly to the target audience. The landing page serves as a gateway to the website.  Your client’s website should carry a well-designed and informative landing page.

Get to know about the competitor’s online strategy – Your client may have many competitors and as the number of competitors increases, the more effort you need to put in on your online campaign. Have a clear understanding of the competitor’s online strategies. Monitor on a regular basis whether the competitor is making any serious advancements or changes in the marketing strategies. This will help you perform necessary tweaks and fine-tune any particular aspect of the website.

Work with an effective web development team – The online marketing campaigns should go hand-in-hand with website related activities. For this purpose, you need to have a competent web-development team. Skilled developers can enhance the efficiency of your entire web related activities by saving a lot of precious time.

Communicate with your client – Have clear-cut understanding of the requirements of your client. Get to know whether the client is happy with online branding alone or he is interested in generating leads or both. Some clients may show interest in both online branding and lead generation. Make sure how much amount the client is ready to invest for the online campaign. In other words, you should be sure of the total budget. Get to know the information about the target audience directly from the client. Communicate all these aspects with your client well before you take up any work.

The prerequisites to conduct internet marketing campaign

Certain essential requirements have to be met before you kick off any internet marketing campaign. These requirements are listed below.

Get the apt internet source – Internet sources are the various services, search engines and online platforms that can be used to conduct internet marketing campaign. Google, Yahoo, Facebook etc are the examples of internet sources. You should select these online services for the purpose of internet marketing based on your client’s product or service. For example: Online marketers rely more on Facebook for the purpose of online branding.

Create landing pages create landing pages for the website for the purpose of campaigning. Remember, well-designed, user friendly, easy-to-understand, secure and safe landing pages can bring out serious conversions from your target audience.

Tool and team Now monitoring or tracking your campaign is very important. Tools or software meant for monitoring play a vital role in letting you know the information about conversions taking place from various internet sources. Software is necessary to keep record of various enquiries that hit your website via different internet sources. Moreover, you need support of a well-informed and tech savvy team to coordinate your entire web and campaigning related activities.

Tracking Code – Install proper tracking code to get to know the source of visitors. Tracking codes will help you determine the internet source that gives you maximum conversion. If you feel that the conversion rates are low from a particular source, you may call off your campaign via that source and initiate the same through another.

Digital marketer assistance – And last but not least, get assistance from an experienced digital marketing consultant. Shrewdness and experience of a digital marketing expert will help you take the right decision at the right time.

Have a safe and profitable marketing experience!

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