The advent of this decade witnessed an evident increase in the number of SEO training institutes all across India.  The reason is that people began to become more and more aware of the scope of online marketing. It is an undisputed fact that online visibility of the website plays a major role in enhancing online revenue. And SEO is meant for the same.


Nowadays, anyone can attend SEO training classes and may opt for a wide variety of courses like 6-month course, one-month crash course, online classes etc. But irrespective of the duration of the course, before taking up SEO training, the student should confirm whether the institute or the trainer can meet his/her requirements or needs.


Here are the things you should keep in mind before you join an SEO training institute or attend classes under an SEO trainer.


Know your requirement – The student should have a clear-cut idea about his requirement or what he is really up to. People pursue SEO related studies with a wide variety of goals in mind. Many students seek SEO training to manage SEO projects of their own. Marketing professionals who are new to digital marketing take up SEO training. Some individuals would like to get SEO training in order to manage an SEO team. Many online marketing firms, advertising establishments offer good pay for the post of SEO expert or consultant. Therefore, there is also a job oriented perspective behind getting SEO training. Some take up SEO training to get outsourced campaigns. Whatever be your intention or motive, you should have a well-set goal before you join an SEO institute.


Know your trainer – the trainer who conducts SEO training should have both theoretical and practical knowledge about SEO. If your trainer is devoid of practical knowledge, you had better try another institute! Practical knowledge is what Search Engine Optimization all about.


An experienced trainer – The trainer should have at least 5 years of experience in the field of online marketing. He/she should have undertaken other online campaign strategies like Adwords marketing, Facebook marketing, pay per click campaigns etc.


Google certification – Make sure that the trainer is a Google certified professional. Earning Google certification is a remarkable achievement in the field of online marketing and it as an indicator that the trainer really knows what he is doing.


The scope of individual training – A vast majority of SEO training institutes in India offers group classes that consist of 5 to 10 or even more students. The students, in most cases, might be from different backgrounds and would have different IQ levels too. Moreover, their requirements will not be the same. When the students are dealt with in a group session, it is not practical to offer individual attention. Therefore, there is every chance that the requirements of each and every student are not fully met. For all these reasons it is advisable to join an institute that offers individual training.


Real case studies – the students should have the opportunity to go through real case studies. Real case studies let the students know the actual scenario of a campaign.


Live projects – Live projects should be made available to the students by the institute.


Student’s feedback – The website of the institute should contain the information about “student feedback”. Check the feedbacks of students who have already completed training. You may even confirm the shared information with the students if their contact details are mentioned on the website. This will add to the authenticity of information shared and ultimately the institute.

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