Nowadays, people do not visit shops or supermarkets very often. This is due to the fact that they can purchase almost anything through the internet via online stores and avoid the hassle to reach the shops. In other words, Digital marketing has made it all easy and convenient. The scope of learning Digital marketing concepts has increased tremendously compared to the last decade. More and more people who are already into the marketing field, aspiring students who are willing to take up marketing careers are now ready to invest time to learn Digital marketing concepts. In the present scenario, both digital marketing and Business Administration go hand-in-hand. It has become compulsory for those who pursue a course in Business Administration (graduation or post graduation) to do a parallel or separate course in Digital marketing.  This article exactly contains the information regarding the same. Why do BBA, MBA and other marketing professionals do Digital marketing course? Read on…..

The conventional marketing techniques

Before going into the intricacies of digital marketing let me give you a brief insight into conventional marketing techniques. The conventional or traditional marketing techniques have been into existence for decades or in fact centuries. Till late 90s, a vast majority of the marketing campaigns and sale promotion strategies were done with the help of traditional marketing techniques. Traditional marketing techniques mainly relied on print media like magazines, newspapers and electronic media to publish advertisements. Publishing advertisements through these media helped businesses reach out to the public.

The digital marketing scene

Things started to change in the late 90s when people became more familiar with internet, search engines and online marketing companies like eBay. This was the precursor stage of the present marketing scenario. At present, digital marketing techniques have surpassed the conventional techniques to a great extent. This is due to the fact that people nowadays spend more time on the internet than any other media. Online marketing or digital marketing is the marketing technique used to advertize or promote a product or a service with the help of digital or electronic devices like computers, laptops, phones, tablets and other similar devices. Emails, websites, social media networks and application software play an important role in digital marketing scenario.

The upper hand of digital marketing over conventional techniques

There are two perspectives to talk about when one analyses the domination of digital marketing techniques over conventional methods. One is the user’s or customer’s perspective and the other is the entrepreneur’s perspective.

In the user’s perspective:

People spend more time in social media sites and for online browsing activities which far exceed the time spend for gathering information from conventional media.
More and more people are getting used to internet and its related services. The devices like smartphones and tablets have become more common compared to last decade.
The easiness, comfort and the “time saving factor” in performing an online transaction make it more appealing to the people.

In entrepreneur’s perspective:

The entrepreneur can monitor or track the progress of online campaigns which is not possible with conventional techniques.
Better market analysis is possible with the help of digital marketing techniques.
The entrepreneur or the business firms can do the necessary rectification or adjustment of the present campaigning techniques if necessary which is otherwise not possible.
The entrepreneur can select target audience for whom the product or service is intended for.
The services like paid ads can give instant and quick results.
Customer feedback can be obtained without any extra effort.
Cheap when compared to traditional marketing concepts.
Social media networking sites play a crucial role in digital marketing. You may increase the reach of your product or service to a bigger audience through campaigns like Facebook promotion and blog marketing.

Some myths revolving around digital marketing

These are some of the very common queries people have about digital marketing.

I haven’t yet completed my graduation. Then how can I take up this course?
Can a house-wife learn digital marketing and become successful?
I am not all a techie and neither know coding or designing. Is it wise to take up the course?
Can I learn digital marketing at the comfort of my home?

When it comes to academics, graduation is not necessary to understand the concepts of digital marketing. Even an undergraduate with an average knowledge of latest marketing trends can afford to learn digital marketing course. A taste in social media networking can also help as both are closely related to each other. You need not be a techie or web designer or coding expert to learn digital marketing. One should only know the very basics of coding in order to become skilled in digital marketing. House-wives can really benefit from learning digital marketing concepts as they have got ample time at home. You just only need a laptop with a broadband connection to get started off at the comfort of your home. A bit of patience, an urge to learn new concepts and a basic understanding of the current market scenario are the basic criteria to pursue digital marketing course.

In a marketer’s perspective, who should learn digital marketing course?

Marketing professionals who already have the basic understanding of digital marketing, but would like to expand their knowledge in the same.
The conventional marketers who would like to make a change-over to digital techniques or try the combination of both.

Digital marketing makes your profile stand apart from others

When it comes to digital marketing, it is a fact that there are not many universities or educational institutions that give due emphasis to the subject in the curriculum. This has created a lack of talent and skill among the youngsters in the digital arena. This deficit of talent and skill is quite evident irrespective of the stream of course adopted. As the digital marketing scene is on a boom, more and more recruiters hire those candidates who are proficient or skilled in handling digital marketing requirements. Pursuing digital marketing course will help negate this deficit of skill and will boost up your profile and hence enhances your career prospects.
Again you may boost up your profile or your firm’s brand name by attaining Google Adwords Certification. This is an authorized endorsement from Google which is accepted all over the world. Obtaining Google Adwords Certification will also let you gain a better understanding about Google Adwords. Overall, this will help to increase your reach and sales.

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