Internet marketing now plays an important role in the marketing scenario as a whole. A large chunk of marketing strategies and transactions now take place through internet marketing and related services. In simple words internet marketing is nothing but advertising or sale of a commodity or a service through the internet. Internet marketing strategies involve making use of various internet related services like search engines, social networking sites and email. Google, Facebook and Youtube are some of the most common internet marketing platforms used by millions of people across the globe. Search Engine optimization plays an indispensable role in internet marketing. It is because of the fact that SEO determines the “reach” of a particular service or a commodity to the public and the so called “reach” adds on to the sales. Therefore, success of internet marketing greatly relies on Search Engine optimization or SEO is the backbone of internet marketing. Meanwhile, there arises a question- who is the beneficiary of SEO? Many might think that only people who are into the scene of internet marketing or the business class would benefit from it. But, it is not so. In fact, anyone who is interested to make money through internet can learn about SEO techniques. Here is a brief information about the scope of learning SEO techniques.


Student’s perspective


The post of an “SEO expert” has become an exciting and welcoming career option in the recent years, especially for IT and computer graduates. Those graduates who have craving for IT related subjects can dream for a high paid job of an SEO professional. Acquiring Google AdWord certification or Google Analytical Certification will certainly raise the prospects of this career. There are millions of websites being launched every year. Therefore, the need for an SEO expert will never decline. It will keep on increasing at a steady pace.


Do Housewives have a role in SEO??


Housewives are not at all an exception for learning SEO techniques. Many housewives have ample time to spend at home.  Well educated housewives with basic internet knowledge can get to know about the SEO concepts and take up SEO related works or affiliated work from other clients. Learning SEO techniques can also help housewives sell products through online selling sites like e-bay. The greatest advantage is that housewives can engage in these works at the comfort of their homes. The only requirement is a system or laptop with internet connection.


Website owner’s perspective


SEO techniques are rooted from an algorithm followed by Google. Google updates these algorithms at regular intervals. The status and functioning of a website would be entrusted to a web designing company or an SEO firm in most cases. After learning the basic concepts of SEO, a website owner need not constantly get in touch with the entrusted firm to know the status of the website. A website owner can even monitor or coordinate the work of the entrusted firm and make necessary adjustments based on the changing Google algorithm. Knowing SEO concepts will also help website owners in the field of e-commerce.


Web developer’s perspective


It is a must that web developers must be aware of the advanced techniques in SEO in order to shine in this highly competitive field. Web developers should have a very good understanding and up-to-date knowledge of SEO in order to come up with Google friendly websites.


SEO can also help content writers


When it comes to internet marketing of a particular product or a service, the content is the king. It is through the content the potential customers become aware of that particular product or service. Now Google follows algorithm for contents too. For example: Google always give importance for up-to-date and new contents with no or least plagiarism. This means that content writer not only require skill to excel in his/her work, but should have the knowledge of Google algorithms too. This will certainly help to improve the page ranking of the website and thereby present the content to a larger number of readers.


SEO techniques and marketing professionals


People who belong to the top-most position of a firm or an establishment, be it a CEO, marketing head or a sales head, one should be aware of the SEO techniques. This is due to the fact that direct marketing strategies are slowly shifting to internet marketing. Nowadays, internet marketing strategies coexists with traditional marketing techniques like newspapers, radio and TV.




Anyone who has got basic internet knowledge and the patience to learn new concepts can become an SEO expert. It is not at all rocket science. Knowledge in SEO will be of great help for all matters related to affiliated marketing, product selling and advertising. Invest a little amount of time and dedication, you can become an SEO expert without any doubt!

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