The world is shifting from analogue to digital media. Initially, people relied only on traditional media like newspapers and radio. But today, people are relying more on digital content on day to day basis like mobile phones and computers. Digital media is the future of marketing. Keep reading to know more.

Importance of Digital Marketing



It is the growing force in the current field. It will soon not only take over the traditional media but also replace it soon completely. Several companies are yet to recognize the importance of digital marketing and yet to adopt it. The digital communication is much faster and more versatile than the traditional media. In social media interactions between the user and marketer takes place. Interactions are on the basis of feedback and online communities.

Social media is more affordable than the traditional media. The cost of a print media or a TV ad would be more costly while compared to social media. It will help one to reach a larger audience with the help of social media. The results can be monitored in the case of social media. You can know why your ad is not performing well in such a region and edit your ad accordingly. You would not have to conduct high and costly research from customers instead it all can be done with the help of digital media. According to the statistics, nearly 81 percent of the adults of United Kingdom went online in the first three months of this year.

NIBM Global adopts Online Marketing




NIBM Global is a premier online institute rendering several correspondence courses and online modes. It has been in this field for more than 20 years. Earlier, it has advertised in more than 25 newspapers be it regional and national. In the initial years it had huge business and it was booming. Since 2008, the enquiries from newspapers started reducing. Initially, attention wasn’t given to as to why the enquiries were reducing. But after few years, 95 percent of their business was lost. In 2010, the marketers were unable to find out what went wrong with their marketing tactics and they weren’t able to deliver it. The enquiries started reducing and they wanted to find out if something went wrong with the way of advertisements that they were doing. Then on surveys and feedbacks conducted by the organization, it was found that the student interest has shifted from traditional media to social media. On search for digital marketing companies, the company found I-bot Solutions. It started doing business with it including Search Engine Optimization.

NIBM Global did SEO and the enquiry has increased.  Some of the keywords it has been targeting and reached higher position are:

Online MBA India: Here Online MBA India is the keyword and NIBM Global is in the first position.



Online MBA Delhi: It is the keyword and it ranks in the first position.




Online MBA Chennai: It is the keyword and it is in the first position.




NIBM Global also does Google Ad-words. It helps to increase the reputation of the company.




Facebook Marketing:




Facebook Marketing is growing enormously. There are about 2.2 million facebook users in the world. Facebook Marketing is done by every organization to promote online branding. NIBM Global is no less. It has reached nearly 3000 facebook fans and increased support for the credibility of the organization.

With the help of digital marketing NIBM Global was able to get back all its lost customers. They understood that the student market they are targeting vividly use social media on daily basis. The students prefer reading news online compared to traditional media. Their admissions have increased than before as they have turned their ways to digital media. They are concentrating solely on digital marketing today. The bottom line is, the digital age has arrived and the marketers who fail to adopt it would be at high risk.




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