For a very long time business establishments, big or small greatly relied on Google search and Google display advertisement for the purpose of getting leads. The business firms and entrepreneurs initiated campaigns for acquiring maximum enquiries or clicks. But as if now the things have a changed a lot. The dependence on Google Search and Google display advertisement has come down to a great extent due to the arrival of performance based advertising agencies. The advent of this decade saw a steady increase in the establishment of online ad agencies or networks. These agencies offered something more than what Google could promise. The agencies worked on lead basis and could create enquiries at more affordable costs than offered by Google. In other words the enquiry cost quoted by the ad agencies was less compared to that of Google.

Due to reduced enquiry cost, more and more companies and business firms began to approach these agencies. One of the worth mentioning aspects concerning these agencies is that the client needs to pay only for value leads. Therefore there is no element of risk and at the same time there is maximum value for money. Other online-marketing platforms could not deliver the results attained by these agencies. Facebook’s marketing strategies were not able to make any serious impact in terms of lead generation. Facebook was found ineffective or not competent enough to join the league.  Even Yahoo’s case was not different. All these factors forced business community to associate with agencies. Within no time, the new scenario started to affect Google’s online revenue and Google was required to come up with a remedy and that remedy is the latest Gmail sponsored promotion ads, in short GSP.

More about Gmail sponsored promotion ads

Gmail sponsored promotion ads are “email-ads” that are sent to the target audience in a more direct and engaging manner via Gmail. These ads are displayed in Gmail’s promotion tab area. The ads are displayed at the top, bottom and the right side. The top and bottom ads are similar and they carry the very basic description of the advertiser. The ad displayed on the right hand side carries the logo or an image of the advertiser which on clicking gets displayed as an enlarged ad with more description or information. And when you click on this enlarged version of the ad, it will take you to the landing page of the advertiser. With the help of GSP, the advertiser has got a wide range of options to select the target audience.  Another aspect associated with GSP is the options to “Save” and “Forward”. Just below the enlarged version of the ad in your mail, there are two options made available to either save the ad to your inbox or forward the same to any of your friends.

Target audience oriented GSP

The greatest advantage of GSP is that the advertisers can get to their target audiences with ease. The target audience can be traced based on many aspects like Domains, Interests, Mailing lists, Keywords, Jobs and Purchases. Suppose you would like to pull in more customers to your online store. You may set your target audience based on the above mentioned categories. Some of these categories are mentioned below with examples for clarity.

Domain based– Since you are dealing with online shopping website, you may target other online stores like eBay Flipkart, Myntra etc.

Interest based– An online shopping website can set target audience on a wide spectrum of interest related aspects. For example – Beauty and Fitness, Arts and Entertainment, Computers and Electronics etc.

Purchase based – You may easily get to know the purchasing style and preferences of the customers. Email offers, discounts, product launch information etc can be send based on these preferences.

Keyword based – If the keyword assigned has got any association with any online content of the user, the GSP ad can get to the email of that particular user.

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