Ibot Solutions is truly the best digital marketing company in Kerala. It has reached impeccable heights within the initial years of its establishments.

About Ibot Solutions

It has created a niche in the state by providing services like Search Engine Optimization, Social Media Marketing, Pay Per Click, Web Designing and Web Development, Online Reputation Management and Content Development. Ibot stands at providing exemplary services to its customers. It’s immensely talented team is specialized in digital marketing, internet marketing on Google, Yahoo, Bing and so on, article and blog marketing and also landing page creation.

Ibot Solutions was formed in the year 2009. It has got offices in Cochin, Trivandrum, Dubai, Abu-Dhabi and Australia. It is Kerala’s 1st Google Certified Partner Company. It has achieved impeccable heights. It has served several clients and spent more than $400,000 on Google Ad-Words.

Pay for Performance”

Ibot solutions have kept a proven record overtime. The company has a team of experienced professionals, and provides the best services thereby building a long-term partnership with its valued clients forming the basement of a great marketing. The company has served more than 200 clients successfully in India and abroad.

The secret of business is to know something that nobody else knows.”

About CEO and Founder

Mr. Jitto Jose is the CEO and founder of Ibot Solutions. He has over 11 years of notable experience in the digital marketing industry. He is an SEO consultant, well known speaker, trainer, vendor, an SEO expert and a Google Certified Professional. He is a professional web designer and a web developer turned digital marketing expert. He has worked with Jet Airways, Jet Light and India’s best digital agencies.

Mr. Jitto Jose has optimized more than 400 websites and has done pay per click campaigns with search engines like Google, Yahoo, MSN, MIVA and 7search. The company has spent over $400,000 with Google and other search engines including posting advertisements on Facebook.

We are not just focusing in bringing potential visitors, but we bring in real business to your website.”

Facebook Marketing


Social Media Marketing has created a platform with quality content and draws several visitors to your website. With the rise in internet penetration, social media marketing has become one of the ways in generating traffic to your website.

Facebook today is the world’s largest social network. It has got nearly 1.1 billion users across the world. It is used for communication and is a highly effective business tool. Facebook will help in connecting and engaging your target audience. It is important for business as it will help you to get found, build credibility and engage with your target market. It is the best low cost marketing and helps in increasing your own online footprint. The main purpose of facebook marketing is online branding. It thus helps build a strong and a loyal customer base.


Ibot Solutions has a team of individuals managing social media. It has got over 5000 fans on Facebook. It has got the most fans in digital marketing. We provide all kinds of support from social media experts for maintaining our client website.

Successful people make decisions based on their goals; Unsuccessful people make decision based on their circumstances.”

SEO Services


Search Engine Optimization is a technique which helps search engine find and rank your site higher than other sites in response to a search query. It helps you get traffic from search engines.

Whenever you enter a query in a search engine and hit ‘enter’ you get a list of web results that contain that query term. Users generally tend to visit website that are at the top of this list as they perceive those to be more relevant to the query.

Ibot Solutions uses a powerful web marketing technique to upgrade client position during top searches. There are resource persons, who will use marketing strategies and involve their skills to obtain the best possible investment returns for you. We are the company who has spent most with Google. Ibot Solutions brings not just customers and traffic to your website. It brings in more business. This would help in generating client revenue. The team is not only experienced but it has got Google Certified Professionals.

Here is an overview of the SEO process:

Review and Analysis of Search Engine:

The website is initially indexed by the search engine. The search engines will have spiders that will scan the internet to index the websites. The area of focus is where the spiders concentrate to index your websites and recommend modifications accordingly.

Examining Goals:

The requirement of the client is considered and the plan is executed accordingly. There will be steps taken to increase traffic and customer base.

Analyze Competitors:

It is good to monitor the works of the concentration is also given to the keywords which needs to be targeted.

Keyword Identification:

Choosing the right keyword is essential for an online marketer. If the right set of keywords are targeted, then it can provide you with the best results.

Web-Page Optimization:

Web-Page Optimization needs to be done carefully. Rebuilding of links is important. The design and images should be created accordingly.

Keen on Incoming Links:

The incoming links are managed through Link Popularity Campaign. The links should be checked before acceptance.

Search Engine Submissions:

The data is submitted in directories. With good optimization, the site can be indexed by spiders or crawlers of the search engine.

Analysis and Tweaking:

By regular looking to your webpage, you can retain your position in search engine and improve your position in the search result.

Ibot Solutions have served its clients with the best results. We have been targeting with the right set of keywords for our clients. Here are some examples.

1. Apartments in Cochin:


As you can see above, the keyword targeted is Apartments in Cochin. Our client Kent Homes here is coming first. It is because of the several activities undertaken by our team of professionals.

2. Builders in Cochin:



With the keyword Builders in Cochin the company’s client Kent Homes comes second.

3.  Villas in Cochin:



The targeted keyword is Villas in Cochin. Our client Kent Homes is in the first position.

4. Online MBA Chennai:


Nibm is in the first position when Online MBA Chennai keyword is targeted.

5.  Online MBA Delhi:


Nibm is the client and the targeted keyword is Online MBA Delhi. It can be seen from above that the search result shows it in the first position.

6. Online MBA Mumbai:



The targeted keyword is Online MBA Mumbai, Nibm ranks first in it.

7. Kerala Matrimony Site:



The client is Intimate Matrimony. It is third in the search result.

8. Villas in Aluva:



Trinity Builders is in the third position when Villa in Aluva keyword is targeted.

9. Apartments in Guruvayur:


The Kalpaka Group when searched on Google ranks 8th in position.

10. Flats in Trivandrum:


Flats in Trivandrum are the keyword targeted and it is in the third position in the search engine.

Ibot Solutions does only ethical SEO and the ranking has been maintained for more than one year for its clients. Targeting the right set of keywords is important. There is more business in organic compared to paid ads. This is mainly because people are hesitant to click on paid ads.

Pay Per Click


Pay per click is another popular form of advertising which is done to increase the visibility on the internet. It is a smart way to reach the customers. You would have to pay for only the clicks that you are going to receive. It will generate long-term results more quickly.

It is mainly done to assess the cost effectiveness and profitability of internet marketing. With PPC we can know how effective our advertising was. It is a low cost marketing as we are paying only for the clicks. Nearly 54 percent of the visitors have understood this characteristic on Google. We have conducted PPC on popular platforms like Google Adwords, Yahoo, Bing, and Miva and so on. Various social network platforms include Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.

Blogs, Articles and Contents:


Content is the king in digital marketing. It is very important to have an excellent command over English language. A website would be more appealing to their readers if the website has got excellent content. Google does not believe in articles where the keywords are stuffed but rather it will prefer an article with original content.

Ibot Solutions provides unique and engaging content. We always try to excel the client’s expectations. We have a strong team of professional writers located in India, the Middle East and other parts of the globe. The content is always 100 percent unique and is submitted only after it is checked with copyscape.

Another specialty is that the content will include the targeted keywords and specific terms which are important to your business. The writers have been catering great content across verticals and industries. The orders are completed well on time.

“Writing without revising is the literacy equivalent of waltzing gaily out of the house.”

Online Reputation Management


Online Reputation Management is influencing of an individual’s or business reputation. It is focused with the aim of pushing down negative search results. This can be done by using customer feedback.

It will help in bringing the gap between how a company perceives itself and how are others viewing it. Another ethical form of reputation management is to respond to customer management is to respond to customer complaints and provide online feedback.

There are several tactics used by Ibot Solutions which includes the following:

  • Improving tagging and SEO of company using published materials, positive customer testimonials to pushdown negative content.
  • Publishing original and positive websites with the aim of outperforming negative results in search.
  • Submitting online press releases to suppress negative content.
  • The company reacts proactively to public criticism.

Ibot Solutions provides a winning edge of the above services. It is undoubtedly the best digital marketing company in Kerala.

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