Google is truly the king of searches. It is slowing tapping the untapped market that is Business to Business. There is a seismic shift from the traditional media to the social media being used by buyers and sellers. Google is with no doubt the best search engine in the world. Nearly 88% of business are using internet for their businesses. It has increased by 24% since last year.

Google has got high conversion rates compared to traditional media. Nearly 90 percent of the users use the search engine for research. The revenue has increased by 32 percent since last year. Audiences are searching mostly about business information. Reinforcing the brand is very important. Yahoo and Bing are serving as search engines and are tough competitors of Google. Bing’s share stands at 16.9 percent. Yahoo has reportedly 20 percent of the market share. Several people nearly, 60 percent use mobile phones in offices and are connected to the internet. Even that segment is being targeted by the company.

Facebook V/s Google    


Everyone seems to be using Facebook. It has got 700 million monthly users on platform. The company can explore ways to reach the target audience and develop plans accordingly. Several businesses have created their facebook pages and attracted customers by creating tabs, Facebook ads and by updating so as to what is happening in their organization. Yet, Google is the best marketer as the conversion rates are high through Google. It can give better business than any media.

Facebook does not have clear linear functionality like Google. The Facebook Applications and Pages aren’t well optimized for mobile phones. The data on Google like conversion rates are provided better and in a detailed manner. It would also give a higher return on investment while compared to facebook. It is also a better organic placement. Google Analytics and Google Adwords are used for monitoring performance and keeping on record as to what is happening.

Google offers several integrative services like you can emails and videos easily without any chaos and confusion. It is also cheap while compared to Facebook. In facebook, for a business to create its brand it would have to take up Facebook Ads, whereas on Google it is less intrusive with its ads. It generally gets its traffic generally through normal Google search the user interface is cleaner and less cluttered than search. Google has secured in the digital experience across all screens.


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