About a decade ago, people largely relied on newspapers and other print media for branding their products or services. The supremacy of print media in matters related to adverting began to decline after the arrival of internet. The conventional advertising and branding strategies got changed when more and more people started to become familiar with the internet. And that change was very evident after the boom of social media networking sites. When it comes to number of users, Facebook enjoys the first position with its 1.23 billion monthly active users worldwide. Facebook’s user population and its reach make it one of the most effective platforms for online branding.

Facebook –entertainment and business

Unlike other social networking websites like Twitter or LinkedIn, a vast majority of the users worldwide consider Facebook as an “entertainment” website. People love to use Facebook for the reason that they can add friends, play games and at the same time implement business related strategies like online branding, advertising etc. Sites like Twitter and LInkeldIn lacks that “entertainment” value compared to Facebook. This is the reason why Facebook is preferred by a wide category of people, be it a college student or an entrepreneur. The reach of Facebook is exceptional and it has got a special ability or “gift” to get attention from a large number of users.

Spot your target audience with ease!

One of the greatest advantages of Facebook that makes it different from a mere “online newspaper” is its ability to get to the right audience. The information of your product or service should reach the right audience so that you are able to make maximum conversions.  You may target customers based on location, age, gender and many other categories. All these factors play a very important role in building up the marketing prospects of your product.

The age-group of Facebook users really matters

The below table reveals the statistics of Facebook users in India based on age group (according to the month of October 2013).  The age group is listed against the percentage of users.

                         Age group                The percentage users
                         26 or less                   61%
                 Between 26 and 46                   30%
                        Above 50                    3%


From this statistics, it quite clear that in India, a significant majority of the Facebook users are youngsters who are less than 26 years old. Therefore, online branding done through Facebook can make a great impact on youngsters. This facilitates the possibility of branding anything that youngsters can easily associate with. This scenario can really help mobile manufacturers, computer or laptop manufactures, software development companies, entertainment sectors like productions houses and many others. Education sector can also make significant conversion through Facebook branding, as it is concerned with a major chunk of youngsters. This can be understood from the below table. Here is a list of educational institutions that use Facebook for the purpose of online branding.

Name of the Educational Institution          Field or Stream               Facebook likes
Sri Chaitanya Educational Institutions Engineering and Medicine            151,165
ICFAI University    Distance education             46,325
Amity University    Private University           1,723,164
Vels University    Private University             297,412


The educational institutions can spot their target audience with ease via Facebook and hence create a strong online presence. Facebook’s online branding strategies can help builders, resort and hotel groups, tour agents and many other enterprises to enhance their online branding strategies.

The need to update!

Now, it’s not all about getting likes and building up a huge fan base. Your Facebook page must be updated on a regular basis. You may update your page with latest news regarding any new business offers, plans or schemes or anything associated with your business or service. Lack of activity can adversely affect your page’s online visibility. It can also affect the credibility of your establishment in the long run!

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