Facebook keeps experimenting with its features, so that it becomes easy for people to use it. This will help in increasing their fan base; there have been several changes in its features like they have added emotion based and activity based updates. We can also tag people onto their posts. Such features keep you updated as to what your friends are doing.

Another new feature which has been added now is to drag photos into your post. You can select some photos from your desktop and drag them right into your post. You can upload files like any of your photos or videos and upload them on your wall. The main aim of such a feature is to increase interactions. This tool can be effectively used by businesses to increase their interactions and get feedback on their products and increase customer base. The friends can see stories on their wall, like the page and also share them if required. Such a feature will be helpful to businesses as they can increase profits. Lastly, the reach will be high with the help of such features.

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